Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Luck Card

I wanted to write a note here to explain where I have been and why I have not participated in the crafting world for awhile. I have not made anything in a while. My craft room has been packed and my machines have been put up due to some really bad storms we had here in the spring. We had hail so bad that it broke a lot of windows out of houses in the neighborhood and also damaged a lot of houses. I think just about everyone has had to replace their roofs, some windows and fences. I have not participated with my design team. That makes me sad but we all do get busy and don't realize how much time has passed. I have been so busy with my home, family and my job. I am hoping that I can get back in the groove and start making things. The holidays are creeping up on us and I really hope to get some cards and other things made. 
Things have changed for me at work. I had worked in the bankruptcy dept for 5+ yrs. I have actually been in the bankruptcy field for 15 yrs. I was getting very bored with my job or just plum burned out. I had decided to start looking for something new. A lady at work retired after being with the company 25 years. She worked in our commercial accounting department. They posted her position for internal employees to apply. We only have 10 days and of course I waited until the 10th day and the post was gone. I had to wait and apply with our HR dept. Then I got very lucky. They had re posted the position for another 10 days. I thought about it and thought about and finally just said the heck with it the worst they can say is no. If I don't get it then it was not meant to be. It was hard to tell if the interviews went well or not. Then I was offered the position so I I accepted it. (I was so excited)!! Then I started on June 30th. When I first started this new role I realized how much I did not have to think about my previous job. (LOL) I wanted to start something new and this has been very interesting. I am learning new stuff everyday and I have learned new things about the company. I am enjoying my new position but I miss my friends that I use to work with. I still get to see everyone but I don't have much time to talk. After being in the position for about a week or so the lady that was training me told me that she was going to be leaving the company. She had accepted a new position at another company. Of course my first reaction was "PANIC". She was so helpful and knew her job well so that really helped as she trained me. She trained me up until the day she left. She has been missed. She had been with the company for 5+ yrs. 
We gave her a good-bye (GOOD-LUCK) party. I was asked to make a card and of course I did not hesitate. The card below is the one that I had made for her. Her and I both love the color pink. This card was easy to make only because I love the colors and I knew she would love it.  This was the first card I had made since March. I hope you all enjoy this card. 

For this card I used:
Stamp in Up punch
Black Glitter Pen and a White pen
Glitter stickers from Hobby Lobby
Pink & Black Stamp in Up paper
1/2' punch for circles to make polka dots 
Black and white thread

To continue my story.. Then in July we went down to Corpus Christie for my husbands "40th". We had a great time. We were both so tired and ready for a vacation. I have posted some of the pictures on my Facebook page. I am so glad that you had stopped by and visited my blog. I sure hope that I will have more things to post sooner than later. I hope everyone is having a Wonderful Weekend! :-)


  1. Now following. I think this card is wonderful. Good luck to you with all the changes you're going through. Chin up.

  2. I love you girl! You can get back into the swing of things. Can't wait to see all your new ones. :)